Indigo Imp Brewery Ltd.

The Indigo Imp Brewery

As of October 31, 2015, Indigo Imp Brewery is closed. Thank you for a great experience!

July 2015 Press Release

After months of analysis and discussions, we have decided to close Indigo Imp Brewery manufacturing facility and tasting room. As many fans have noticed, bottles of Indigo Imp have been difficult to find for the last few months. As you may know, Indigo Imp Brewery has been run mainly by us, the sole owners, over its lifetime with some help from part time employees and especially family members. We have determined that the personal effort and investment required to sustain and grow the business is increasingly in conflict with our family life and personal goals.

Planning, starting up and operating Indigo Imp Brewery over the past eight years we have experienced tremendous growth, flexibility, excitement and also disappointment. We don’t regret starting the business and ultimately we achieved what we set out to do, bottle a superb niche product and make it available to the Cleveland area. We felt at the time of planning, and still feel, that a major goal in starting a new brewery should be to provide the public with something that is not already being produced locally. We believe Indigo Imp Brewery accomplished that with its open fermentation process and naturally carbonated bottled and draft beer. We produced beer that could only have the taste it did due to its unique location in Cleveland.

We are, of course, thankful for all the supporters of Indigo Imp Brewery and Cleveland craft beer in general. Despite the state of the economy at the end of 2008 when we opened our doors the interest and support we received was overwhelming. We are grateful for all the people we have met over the years and new friendships formed.

A surprising benefit to starting Indigo Imp Brewery has been learning of all the other small business people and entrepreneurs in the Cleveland area that have been here and will continue to arrive on the scene. At the time it felt like we had discovered another side of Cleveland and recently many of these businesses have been gaining the notoriety they have worked so hard to achieve.

In the near future it will be nice to have some more time to spend with family and friends who graciously understood our crazy schedule and the long hours we needed to dedicate to starting and operating Indigo Imp Brewery. As for future plans, who knows what kind of ideas are fermenting and waiting to be tapped down the road…